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Stock Market Hacks is created for those who may have dabbled here and there with stock investing, whether it is with a 401K Fund at work, someone said there is money in the markets, or just to try to earn some money each month.

Either way, you probably have less now than you started with.

Don’t feel bad. You are not alone. In fact, most people don’t make more than 1% per year in their 401K, let alone in the markets, simply because they don’t know when to put their money in play and when to put it all in cash.

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I remembered when I first started out investing in stocks, I got all excited about a hot oil exploration stock I read about in a news article. The process they were using to extract residual hidden oil from pockets within extinct wells sounded fascinating and they had just purchased three new wells to extract oil from.

The stock had already gone up a couple of dollars to $2.37 and I just happened to have $1,500.00 in my new Scottrade account. I went all in and purchased $1,500.00 worth of the stock. I checked it every day and it was steadily going up. The last time I saw it, it was worth $4.15 per share. I had almost doubled my money.

The next morning, about an hour after the stock market opened, my great investment dropped to less than a penny... just like that. The value of my 632 shares was worth about $4.00.

This was the biggest loss I have to date, but I learned two vital lessons from this too good to be true stock.

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Mistake #1... I didn't thoroughly research the company before I poured all of my money into it. I traded on one piece of news that was probably created for investors just like me so they can raise the price for their own gains.

Lesson Learned... Never, ever buy a stock based on news alone. Always search for more information about the company before even plugging it into the charts.

Mistake #2... I didn't look at any signals on any charts (I didn't know anything about studies, indicators, or signals.)

Lesson Learned... Always track stocks, using chart studies and signals, and never trade unless the signals tell you to.

Once I learned how to analyze stocks on the charts and developed my stock trading strategy for buying and selling, I looked back at what the stock was doing and to see if it met any of my criteria.

I would have never even thought about buying those shares.

It was actually a legal scam some investors did to make a quick load of money while all of the small shareholders like me were left with nothing. I say legal because no one got in trouble for it. What happened was a small group of investors with a lot of money got together, talked up the company, bought a bunch of the stock, got unknowing people like me buying the stock in little bits driving the price up even more very quickly. Once it got to where they wanted it, they sold all of their shares and it dropped back down where it started before they tricked the system.

That is what Stock Market Hacks is all about. To help you avoid simple mistakes like the ones I made early on. This information isn't available in school - at least not before the college level of education. And some of the stock trading tips, techniques, and strategies you will find on this website or in its exciting products aren't even taught in college.

You can hack the stock market and make every one of your dollars work as hard as possible, earning you more returns than ever imaginable.

You will avoid foolish beginner mistakes and use sound logic on every trade.

At Stock Market Hacks, you will learn there are big profits to be made, and by following a proven strategy will bring your success rate higher than you thought it could.

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Simple Stock Market Hacks to Improve How You Trade Stocks Online!

Of course, losing that chunk of money stung and I immediately backed off stock investing for a while. Going in blind like that was just like driving a car blind folded.

My past investing problems showed me that I needed more education before buying stocks. So, I thought about when I should buy stocks?  When should I sell stocks? What stocks should I be concentrating on?

I had so many question because I wasn't lead down that path early on in life.

I didn't even know where to start looking for the proper information about the stock market.

I want to help you avoid a lot of the same mistakes I made by not only providing you with the basic knowledge you need to survive, but also the advanced knowledge you don't learn in college to give you a fighting chance in the markets.

A couple of years ago, I discovered the art of charting signals and picked up on it very quickly. All of the research I’ve done on my own was okay, but learning a few secrets from a few very successful stock market investors helped more than I could ever ask for. I learned how to ask the right questions, found some great tools, and haven't looked back since.

Now I want to pass on that knowledge to you! That's the reason I built the Stock Market Hacks website.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his life time.” - Italian Proverb

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It doesn’t take a college degree to understand what the stock market is doing or knowing when to move your money in and out of the market. It does, however, take a little first-hand knowledge, basic skills, a lot of practice, and focused effort to make successful decisions.

If you are not willing to put forth a little effort to learn everything you need to know to make successful trades for your growth investments, then you don’t even need to try. And if you do learn the techniques, if you don’t apply what you learned, you’re just going to lose money.

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Enjoy the help and information,

Jason Moser

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