A Stock Trading Strategy for Any Level of Stock Investor

Finding the right stock trading strategy that works is always an issue for investors. When do you buy stocks, how long do you hold onto them, and when do you sell them? All great questions. Well, these questions can be answered for every investor if they simply have a sure-fire method that tells them when to buy and sell stocks.

Stock Trading Strategy for Stock Investors

I know from personal experience that it's not easy to choose the right criteria formula to trade stocks. I worked on it for ten years without getting it right. Though looking back, I'm actually surprised I didn't do worse overall during those years.

But as I played, I learned a lot of different chart studies, strategies, and techniques that greatly improved my overall ability to buy and sell at the correct times and increased my trading profit by leaps and bounds.

I'm not at one hundred percent wins on my trades (yet), but I have found a few strategies that are working quite well at predicting price movement, telling me when it's safe to buy, and when I should get out of a trade before the price drops.

A Winning Stock Trading Strategy to Keep Your Investments in the Green

A couple friends of mine attended a seminar about trading options and learned some things with charts that caught my interest. I had never looked too closely at the charts before; I only looked to see what the price of the stock was doing, not utilizing any of the tools and studies that are available for the charts. Once I started playing around with charts and charting tools on some great stock charting software, I finally found figured out a strategy that works.

My trading secrets come from multiple sources, most of which are from successful investors using certain criteria to make decisions. Most of the criteria was for options trading (which I hadn't quite gotten a grasp on yet), so I had to do a lot of research, trial, and error to determine the exact combination of signals to best call a trade.

The thing is, once you learn all of the signals, they are easy to plug into your charting system and easy to read if they are set up right. You just have to know which signals to use, how to set up the indicators, and to know what the buy and sell signals are.

I'm going for 100% success, so my criteria is very strict. Since options trading is a lot faster turnaround, I had to adjust a lot of numbers to be more appropriate for short term buy/hold stock investing.

My approach is currently working at 90% right now, so I'm not going to complain about that, but I'm always tweaking here and there to determine this perfect combination of indicators and signals.

The key to a successful stock trading strategy is learning from mistakes, tweaking the blueprint, and implementing the changes.

My trading technique will be published soon and you will be able to establish it right away. There isn't much work to do in order to get you up to speed. With my published strategy, there will be training that shows how to set up indicators and how to make buy and sell decisions.

It's called Extreme Stock System, so keep an eye out for it. It's coming in 2022.

Channeling Stocks Strategy

Another neat stock trading strategy to use to trade stocks is called Channeling Stocks. This technique doesn't require a whole lot of knowledge and is very simple compared to most methods.

Essentially you are predicting when a stock price is going to go up or down so you can buy and sell at the right times. This strategy is great when used with supporting evidence for your trade.

Learn about Channeling Stocks so you can add it to your own stock buying and selling strategy.

Compounding Trading Legs Portfolio Management Strategy

Not every stock trading strategy has to deal with buying and selling stocks at the right time. Management of your portfolio is just as important, if not more, than how right you are all of the time.

With proper portfolio management, you can exponentially grow your portfolio with very little risk out of your own pocket. Check out the Compounding in Trading Portfolio Management Strategy to see how you can effectively retire in a little over three years.

More trading strategies will be posted on this page as they are discovered or proven to be useful. I'm always looking for a better stock trading strategy to improve overall stock market success.

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